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Circles is a program that helps build relationships within the community that inspire and equip families to reach 200% of the poverty guidelines. The program relies on an “Ally” to serve as a mentor and guide to help individuals meet their goals to get out of poverty.

It’s easy to feel that you can’t make the difference when it comes to solving world problems like poverty. Circles provides a practical way to get involved and help families learn to eliminate debt, go back to school, and overcome the challenges that poverty brings, taking us one step further toward achieving that goal.  

Looking for meaningful relationships while serving your community?

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Watch the Circles Ally Video Below To See A Personal Ally Experience

Circles Carbon County is in need of volunteers to befriend local families in need. The volunteers would help these families with their goals toward self-reliance and getting out of poverty. There will be two events on Ally Training, for any interested volunteers, and Bridges Training, which is a comprehensive approach to understanding poverty. For more information please call Julie at 435-613-0065.


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Julie Rosier

Julie Rosier


Tristan Garvin

Tristan Garvin


Kade Lyons

Kade Lyons


Renee Raso

Renee Raso


Colton Judd

Colton Judd


Lenissa Jimenez

Lenissa Jimenez


Circles Carbon County Resource Teams

Community Team:

  • Keri Welch
  • Lori Rager
  • Michelle Fleck
  • Pam Miller
  • Greg  Spence

Recruitment Team:

  • Brandon Flores
  • Jessica Tucker
  • Roslyn Warden
  • Polly Atwood

Services Team:

  • Rita Perri
  • Lana Keller
  • Danette Moynier
  • Four Corners
  • Dustin Scovill
  • Erin Darter

Jobs and Education:

  • Brock Marchello
  • Amanda Riggs
  • James Martinez
  • Austin Cartwright
  • Mary Schultz
  • Jimie Jones
  • Nicole Steele
  • Kerrie Barker
  • Emily Bradley
  • Lana Keller

Big View:

  • Lisa Sherman
  • Layne Miller
  • Casey Hopes
  • Tami Ursenbach
  • Christine Watkins
  • Karen Dolan
  • Mayor Piccolo
  • Greg Dart


  • Aubrey Carpenter
  • Becky Peterson
  • Joe Peterson
  • Christopher Gravett
  • Vicki Ori
  • Olivia Dudding
  • Ellen Surfenstini

Childcare Coordinator:

  • Chelsey Sorenson
  • Jessica Froelich

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