Community Development

Community Development is a general term to describe the various activities that happen within an area to improve it and enhance the quality of life of the people living there.  Within SEUALG we have several programs that work towards creating a better community and a better living for its citizens.

Michael Bryant

Regional Planning

Regional Planning is a program that assists communities to develop plans and ordinances that provide for growth, while protecting quality of life.  Click on the picture or "regional planning" title above to learn more about the regional planning program

Jade Powell

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

The Community Development Block Grant strives to improve the quality of life for low to moderate income individuals.  The program can help a community improve or develop housing or it can help fund needed infrastructure within communities.  Click on the picture or "community development block grant" title above to learn more

Vikki Ori​

Self Help & Housing Rehab

Self Help and Housing Rehab assists individuals with making improvements to homes, and can also assist qualified individuals with low rate loans to purchase homes. Click on the picture or "self help & housing rehab" title above to learn more

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