Self Help/Housing Rehab

Mutual Self Help/Single Family Housing Rehab

Let Us Introduce Ourselves!

We are the  Single Family Housing Rehabilitation Specialists that can help you purchase and renovate that home you want, that fits into your budget, thanks to your hard earned sweat equity!

We’ll help you get the expertise you need to renovate and purchase that affordable home and help to elevate your standard of living through homeownership.

Vikki Ori​

Vikki Ori

Vikki is the Self Help and  Single Family Housing Rehabilitation Program Manager. To reach her call 435-613-0026

Tamara Dockstader

Tamara Dockstader

Tamara is the Community Development Program Manager. To reach her call 435-613-0029

Keith Cox

Keith is the Mutual Self Help Supervisor.

Single Family Housing Rehabilitation and
Mutual Self Help Ground Up Construction