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Mission Statement for SEUALG and Economic Development District:

The mission of Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments and Economic Development District is to plan and prepare with federal, state and local governments to strengthen the role of southeastern Utah local officials in the execution of state and federal programs at the regional level to implement economic development, strategize and educate low-income individuals and seniors, stabilize housing and educate individuals for economic stability.

Due to COVID19 the offices of SEUALG/SEUEDD have closed.
If you need help feel free to contact us via phone or email.
You may find the numbers and emails here.

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SEUALG Office Hours & Address

Hours: Monday-Thursday 7am-5pm, Friday 8am-12pm

Address:  375 South Carbon Avenue, Price, Utah 84501

The Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments or (SEUALG) is one of seven regional government entities in Utah.  We encompass the counties of Carbon, Emery, Grand, and San Juan.

To find out more about one of our member counties or communities click on the images or links below.

Carbon County area
Carbon County, Utah
Emery County
Emery County, Utah
Grand County
Grand County, Utah
San Juan County
San Juan County, Utah

Coal Country Strike Team

The Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute at the University of Utah enthusiastically accepts the Alliance for the American Dream challenge to develop policy ideas that will achieve a 10 percent increase in net income for 10,000 households in Utah.

These Videos Tell About The Value Of Living In Castle Country

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SEUALG building carbon ave side

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